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Clostridium septicum vaccine antigen assays: new article available online in Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes

European Pharmacopoeia
Animal testing
29 June 2021
Strasbourg, France

The outcome of Part 2 of the BSP130 collaborative study run under the common aegis of the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) and the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) Biological Standardisation Programme (BSP) has just been published in Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes. The article describes the optimisation of the cell line assays developed in Part 1 of this study on the validation of cell-based assays for in-process toxicity and antigenicity testing of Clostridium septicum vaccines that was published last year.

The article will also feature in a special issue of Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes dedicated to this BSP study and to the progress made in the important area of phasing out animal testing for the in-process control of veterinary vaccines. The special issue is due to be published later this year and will notably feature the proceedings of the "Novel in-vitro model as alternative to in vivo toxoid vaccines testing: Clostridium septicum vaccine as proof of concept" workshop, which was held in March 2021 and was jointly organised by the EDQM, EPAA and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

The article, bearing the reference No. 2021-5, is available on the website of Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes, a free online journal published by the EDQM, and is referenced on Medline/PubMed® (ID: 34078535).

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