Chargé de projet expérimenté ou chargée de projet expérimentée – substances d’origine humaine Service de la Standardisation biologique, du Réseau OMCL et des Soins de Santé (DBO)

EDQM 29/05/2024 Strasbourg, France

Pour renforcer son équipe en 2024, la division Substances d’origine humaine de l’EDQM recherche un ou une chargé·e de projets expérimenté·e temporaire.

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Nos offres d'emplois récurrentes

Pour permettre à l’EDQM d’accomplir sa noble mission, de nombreux experts scientifiques et techniques, aux profils variés, allient leurs compétences, notamment : 

Retour Distribution Operator

Distribution Operator

Your role

  • select products from stock and pack goods in accordance with shipping requirements and temperatures;
  • ensure packages are marked and labeled appropriately;
  • record dispatch information into the database;
  • monitor stock levels and update stock records;
  • receive stock and load it into storage towers on release of reference standards;
  • handle several heavy packages (from 10 to 35 kg) per day;
  • ensure order, tidiness and safety in the work environment.

This work requires handling heavy pallets and packages in high places and involves spending several hours per day in the cold storage rooms while wearing protective clothing.

What we are looking for in you

As a minimum, you must:

  • hold a technical qualification in logistics and at least 6 months’ relevant professional experience* OR have at least 9 months’ relevant professional experience* if you do not have the diploma;
    *Relevant experience is professional experience gained in the preparation of orders and shipments or warehouse management in an industrial (non-retail) setting (e.g. logistics centre/platform, industrial warehouse, etc.).
  • have a very good knowledge of one of the two Council of Europe’s official languages (French);
  • professional and technical expertise:
    • practical knowledge of equipment used for the preparation of orders;
    • good knowledge of standard ICT tools (Outlook, Excel, etc.) and IT tools related to the preparation of orders.
  • Teamwork and co-operation
  • Concern for quality
  • Resilience
  • Service orientation
  • Results orientation

These would be an asset:

  • knowledge of an Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP) software and practical knowledge of SAP modules SD/LE and MM/WM;
  • professional training on operating a pedestrian pallet truck;
  • experience with handling orders using “pick by voice”;
  • basic knowledge of the other official language of the Council of Europe (English)
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