LC and GC columns in monographs

With a view to improving the correspondence between liquid chromatography column brand names (provided in the Knowledge Database) and the reagents used to describe the stationary phases for these columns, an overall review of all the monographs concerned has been launched. The names of the reagents and their definitions have also been reviewed to ensure that these stationary phases are described as clearly and consistently as possible.

This review only affects the names of the reagents published in the monographs; the analytical methods have not been modified. In the Knowledge Database, only the brand name of the column used for the validation of the method is mentioned, not those which might have been used for further testing but do not correspond to the name of the reagent stated in the monograph. Consequently, only one column brand name might be mentioned in the list.

The modified monographs (and any reagents concerned) are being published gradually, with each new supplement. The changes are flagged by lines in the margin.

A similar review of the reagents used to describe the stationary phases for gas chromatography columns was undertaken for the European Pharmacopoeia 10th Edition (published in July 2019).

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