The European Pharmacopoeia Commission encourages you to submit draft monographs or General Chapters. Your draft may be the starting point for what could become an official public standard.

You can also propose revisions to a general chapter or monograph already published in the European Pharmacopoeia. To ensure that your proposal receives the attention it deserves, please make sure that you highlight the suggested changes clearly. You are also invited to submit any data you may have in support of your proposal.


How can I propose a new monograph or submit a request for revision?

  • For manufacturers and other interested parties from Member States of the Ph. Eur. Convention: via the national pharmacopoeia authority.
  • For others (manufacturers and other interested parties from non-Member States of the Ph. Eur. Convention or multinational interested parties, for international organisations and for industry associations or other associations): via the Secretariat in Strasbourg (via the EDQM HelpDesk)

Download the form to request the revision of a monograph or general chapter.