The elaboration and revision of methods and texts is carried out by the Ph. Eur. Groups of Experts and Working Parties. Groups of Experts cover the main scientific topics relevant for the quality control of medicinal products and their constituents. Working Parties are appointed for a defined period to deal with a specific aspect of the work or with a specific topic.

The Members of both these groups are appointed by the European Pharmacopoeia Commission for a period of three years. While many of our experts work for a national authority (e. g. national pharmacopoeia authority, official medicines control laboratory, licensing authorities, inspectorates, etc.), others work in the private sector (pharmaceutical or chemical industry), academia or a research organisation.

These Groups of Experts and Working Parties meet in Strasbourg (France) up to three times a year. Teleconferences may be held between meetings.

The contributions and involvement of these experts are crucial for the elaboration and revision of the Ph. Eur.

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