Profiles we recruit the most

A wide variety of agents work together to deliver EDQM's noble mission including:

Scientific Programme Manager

Your role   Examples of the tasks :   European Pharmacopoeia Department (EPD), actively participating in the development and maintenance of the Ph. Eur. by: drafting Ph. Eur. texts (monographs and general chapters) in close co-operation with experts in the field, reviewing scientific data and...

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Junior Laboratory Technician

Your role prepare, set up and run analytical tests on substances for pharmaceutical use and medicinal products in accordance with pre-defined analytical procedures and protocols and in compliance with laboratory safety and quality standards; record, check and report the analytical results...

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Distribution Operator

Your role select products from stock and pack goods in accordance with shipping requirements and temperatures; ensure packages are marked and labeled appropriately; record dispatch information into the database; monitor stock levels and update stock records; receive stock and load it into storage...

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Production Operator

Your role prepare required components (powder or liquid), containers and closures; weigh, fill, seal or stopper, and label reference standards in single containers accurately and meticulously; complete batch records; ensure order, tidiness and safety in the work environment; report on results....

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Other opportunities