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WHO ICRS Orders & Catalogue

EDQM / WHO ICRS collaboration

The EDQM and the World Health Organization (WHO) are pleased to announce that EDQM is responsible for the distribution of WHO's International Chemical Reference Substances (ICRS).

The EDQM takes over responsibility for the establishment, preparation, storage and distribution of WHO ICRS from Apoteket AB, previously the WHO Collaborating Centre for ICRS. Reference material that was held and distributed by Apoteket AB will now be distributed by the EDQM.

ICRS are adopted by the WHO Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations. They are supplied primarily for use in physical and chemical tests and assays described in the specifications for quality control of drugs published in the International Pharmacopoeia.

The EDQM will also organise international collaborative studies to establish new standards when required with WHO's assistance.


Online database

Please consult the International Chemical Reference Substances database to:

  • find if a standard is available;
  • download the leaflet and safety data sheet.


Search ICRS Reference Standards

List of ICRS available

How to order or request a quotation

Orders or quotation requests can be submitted to the EDQM:

  • using the WebStore;
  • by e-mail to Please ensure that your order is on your company letterhead and states both the catalogue code and substance name, and is attached to your e-mail.

Please submit each order or request only once, either via the WebStore or by e-mail.

Before ordering, we advise you to check the availability of the reference standards in our online database and to read our Terms and Conditions.

For more detailed instructions, please read "Order and dispatch of EDQM products".



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