A new Resolution on safety criteria for cosmetic products intended for infants was adopted in 2012 by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers.

Cosmetic products must be safe for the health of infants and should only contain ingredients that are non-toxic; potent allergens or substances with endocrine disrupting activity should not be present and preservatives should be used at their lowest effective concentrations. Detailed recommendations for baby creams and lotions were agreed by experts in the field to provide guidance to manufacturers and safety assessors.

Read the Press release on the new Resolution on Safety Criteria for Cosmetic Products Intended for Infants


Safe Cosmetics for Young Children

A Guide for Manufacturers and Safety Assessors (1st Edition 2012)

Safe Cosmetics for young children - Guide


Over the last 30 years, the range of cosmetic products has become considerably diversified and specialised, targeting all age groups in the population. The number of cleansing, perfuming and care products available for children has consistently increased.

On 14 March 2012, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted a Resolution on Cosmetic Products Intended for Infants. It recommends that Council of Europe member states implement measures to reduce health risks arising from exposure of infants to cosmetic products and their ingredients.

To provide guidance and support for manufacturers and safety assessors, the Council of Europe Committee of Experts on Cosmetic Products (P-SC-COS) has compiled a set of safety criteria for cosmetic formulations that should be taken into account when placing a product on the market. This guide emphasises the importance of safety evaluation of cosmetic products for infants.


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