Our vision

Together for better health, for all

Our work is based on collaboration with our member states, observer states and experts, and our wide range of stakeholders, together with those who benefit from the outcomes of our activities. This includes manufacturers of medicines, active substances, cosmetics and food contact materials; blood, tissues & cells establishments; hospitals; healthcare professionals such as pharmacists, medical doctors, practitioners, nurses and many more.

Our stakeholders recognise the value of togetherness.

Within our organisation, we believe in nurturing a culture of staff cohesion and engagement where all staff members feel committed to and connected with the organisation and what we do, and actively promote the achievement of strategic objectives.

We strive to protect public health and, above all, to promote a world in which everyone can enjoy better health. In that sense, we think global, and we are here to protect all citizens in Europe and beyond.

Our Mission

To contribute to public health protection by engaging with an international community of experts and stakeholders

The EDQM has long-standing expertise and experience in ensuring the quality of medicines by developing international quality standards. Since its creation, our organisation has expanded its mission, and today its portfolio of activities also covers Pharmaceutical Care, Substances of Human Origin and Consumer Health. The EDQM contributes to ensuring the availability of and access to good quality and safe medicines and health products, from development to supply to patients – through:

  • the provision of a common, harmonised, legal and scientific framework of standards for medicines and health products, and;
  • the co-ordination of co-operation activities to help our stakeholders implement our standards and ensure that medicines and health products comply with them.

The EDQM thus has a significant impact on public health through effective collaboration with its global network of experts and stakeholders.

We execute our mission by leveraging on our member states, experts and stakeholders and by actively embracing a culture of co-operation.

Our core values

We will uphold Integrity, Respect and Professionalism, the values of our mother organisation, the Council of Europe.