"Appropriate use of medicines is key to ensuring the best clinical outcomes for patients"


Medication is the most common intervention in health care and plays a vital role in maintaining our health and wellbeing. Evidence suggests that inappropriate use of medicines results in sub-optimal medication outcomes and significant health damage for patients, and it decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of health care systems. Since a long time, the Committee of Experts CD-P-PH/PC has, through a number of activities, initiatives and legal instruments, actively contributed to the development and implementation of quality and safety standards to advance the appropriate and safe use of medications, promote patient-centred care and ensure that patients obtain the best possible outcome from their medicine” - Dr Denis Gjika, Chair of the CD-P-PH/PC


Mission and work programme: setting quality and safety standards in pharmaceutical practices and pharmaceutical care

The Committee of Experts on Quality and Safety Standards in Pharmaceutical Practices and Pharmaceutical Care (CD-P-PH/PC) is overseen by the European Committee on Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceutical Care (CD-P-PH) (steering committee) and is entrusted with improving pharmaceutical care and pharmaceutical practices in community and hospital pharmacy settings through specific programmes and policies. Its primary responsibilities, according to its terms of reference, are as follows:

The CD-P-PH/PC consists of representatives from relevant public health authorities nominated by the governments of the States Parties to the Convention on the Elaboration of a European Pharmacopoeia. They include experts responsible for the preparation and follow-up of national policies in the field of pharmaceutical practices and pharmaceutical care.

View the Terms of Reference of the Committee of Experts CD-P-PH/PC.

online events

26 January 2023

Council of Europe Resolution on the implementation of pharmaceutical care – A step forward in the promotion of appropriate use of medicines and patient-centred care

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16 June 2021

Webinar on the Council of Europe Resolution on good reconstitution practices – a major contribution to the safety of patients receiving reconstituted medicines

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26 November 2020

Webinar on the Council of Europe ‘Resolution on the implementation of pharmaceutical care’

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Automated Dose Dispensing

The EDQM has issued its Guidelines on ‘Best Practice for the Automated Dose Dispensing (ADD) Process and Care and Safety of Patients’.

ADD is an automated process, which allows one or more medicinal products to be dispensed into a container/pouch for a patient to take at a particular date and time.

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Indicators Project


The final report of the EDQM Pharmaceutical Care Indicators Project presents the results of the multinational validation study aimed at validating 4 basic sets of indicators to assess the quality of pharmaceutical care in Europe.

It also contains the data collection forms developed for and used in the validation study.