The Steering Committee (CD-P-TO)

The European Committee on Organ Transplantation (CD-P-TO) is the steering committee in charge of organ transplantation activities at the EDQM. It actively promotes the non-commercialisation of organ donation, the fight against organ trafficking and the development of ethical, quality and safety standards in the field of organ, tissue and cell transplantation. Its activities include the collection of international data and monitoring of practices in Europe, the transfer of knowledge and expertise between organisations and experts through training and networking and the elaboration of reports, surveys and recommendations.


The CD-P-TO was established following the Third Conference of European Health Ministers in Paris in 1987 on the Ethical, Organisational and Legislative Aspects of Organ Transplantation. This Committee is chaired by Dr Beatriz Dominguez-Gil (Spain) and co-chaired by Ms Marge Martjak (Estonia) and is composed of internationally-recognised experts from Council of Europe member states, observer countries, the European Commission, the World Health Organization (WHO), representatives from the Steering Committee for the protection of human rights in the fields of biomedicine and health (CDBIO) and several other non-governmental organisations. Their activities are co-ordinated by the scientific Secretariat.   

The mission of the CD-P-TO is to:

  • Examine questions related to the transplantation of organs, tissues and cells, with regards to quality and safety standards and their implementation.
  • Monitor practices in Europe and assess risks linked to procurement, storage and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells.
  • Assist member states in improving their organ transplantation services whilst promoting the principle of voluntary non-remunerated donations.
  • Provide guidelines on ethical, quality and safety standards and their implementation.
  • Examine the organisational structures concerning organ transplantation with a view to addressing the causes of organ shortages.
  • Develop links between organ exchange organisations and experts throughout Europe and ensure the transfer of knowledge and expertise.
  • Contribute to raising the awareness of the general public on organ, tissue and cell donation for transplantation.
Recent updates

September 2022