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European Pharmacopoeia

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Blood Transfusion

Latest publication: 21st Edition (2023)

Organ Transplantation Guide

Latest publication: 8th Edition (2022)

Tissue & Cells for Human Application Guide

Latest publication: 5th Edition (2022)

Cosmetics guides

Latest publication: Safer tattooing: overview of current knowledge and challenges of toxicological assessment and Guidance on essential oils in cosmetic products (2017)

Food contact materials Guides

Latest publication: Metals and alloys used in food contact materials and articles (2012)

Free Access Pharmeuropa

This free, online publication containing drafts of new and revised monographs and general texts that are intended for inclusion in the PhEur.

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Standard Terms

A free, online database containing several hundred terms in 33 languages, covering pharmaceutical dose forms, routes and/or methods of administration, containers, closures and delivery devices, combination terms and patient-friendly terms.

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