Recommendation on theft of medicines

The CD-P-PH/CMED committee is working on a new project that will cover issues related to the theft, loss and diversion of medicines from the legal supply chain from a public health angle; the criminal law aspects will be outside its scope. The goal of this project is to draft a Committee of Ministers recommendation to member states in order to involve health authorities at an early stage by obliging stakeholders to report thefts, losses or diversions of medicines to them; to provide guidance on how authorities should deal with the information they receive and the follow-up action to be taken; and to promote international co-operation.

Survey: Theft, losses and diversions of medicines

Survey raw data

The term "counterfeiting" as used in the Medicrime Convention is meant in its broadest sense of "falsification".

Know-X database

​​​​​The EDQM Know-X database collates reports on falsified medical products in the Council of Europe member states and allows its users to send out Rapid Alerts to their authorised network. It also provides a tool for information exchange between experts from different countries and authorities.

Committee meeting

CD-P-PH/CMED Committee meetings take place twice a year, during spring and autumn, usually in Strasbourg.

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