Meet the World Pharmacopoeia

The EDQM will be holding the Meet the World Pharmacopoeias Symposium in February 2020 in Strasbourg, France, right after the 11th International Meeting of World Pharmacopoeias (IMWP). The aim of this event is to update stakeholders on the achievements and current work programme of the IMWP, giving participants an opportunity to exchange views on pharmacopoeial co-operation and harmonisation.

The one-day symposium will provide background information on the IMWP and explain the scope and content of the “Good Pharmacopoeial Practices” (GPhP) guidelines, which describe harmonised policies for the development of pharmacopoeial texts designed to ease harmonisation and work sharing between pharmacopoeias at global level. The speakers’ panel will bring together representatives of pharmacopoeias and stakeholders from around the world to present and discuss opportunities and challenges surrounding international co-operation and harmonisation of pharmacopoeial texts.

The event will also be broadcast live for those who cannot make it to Strasbourg, and viewers will be able to submit their questions before and during the symposium. To submit a question in advance of the training session, please complete the Question Form and send it to the Public Relations Division, EDQM.

More details on the event here.