Concerted efforts to promote donation and transplantation in Europe: the leading role of the Council of Europe and the CD-P-TO

The use of immunoglobulin (Ig) preparations (intravenous, IVIg, subcutaneous, SCIg) for replacement and immunomodulation therapy worldwide has tripled in the past 20 years and represents an ever-increasing cost factor for healthcare organizations. The limited access to the starting material of this essential medicinal product is currently the driving force for human plasma collection. Increasing awareness and improved diagnosis of human primary immunodeficiencies and a broadening of immunomodulatory indications are responsible for this development, and on a longer run might lead to plasma supply shortages. Consensus recommendations for the optimal use of Ig in clinical practice, including priority rankings for the most urgent indications, are therefore urgently needed. During a recent meeting in Kreuth, Germany, expert nominees from 36 Council of Europe states, together with colleagues from observer countries and regulatory agencies came up with this consensus statement.