In 2021, the European Pharmacopoeia Commission adopted more than 200 texts, reference standard availability was ensured at a level of over 99% and the production of reference standards was fully maintained. Two major projects were completed: the real-time remote inspection pilot project (RTEMIS), which has been successfully integrated as a routine inspection system, and the EDQM reference standards contingency stock project, involving the recently completed secondary site. The EDQM also organised numerous virtual events and training sessions, attracting a broad range of participants from around the globe and enhancing engagement with the organisation’s stakeholders. The Council of Europe 2022-2025 programme and budget, adopted by the Committee of Ministers at the end of the year, includes a major investment programme for the EDQM. Under this programme, the EDQM will construct a third building to accommodate future growth alongside the establishment of state-of-the-art technologies in the laboratories and production areas.

Full details are available in the EDQM 2021 annual report.