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Quality requirements for nanomedicines: what role should the European Pharmacopoeia play?

EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA 07-08/06/2022 Strasbourg, France

The COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of mRNA vaccines have highlighted the importance of nanoparticle formulations – especially lipid-based systems – used for nucleic acid-based APIs. The success of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination programmes across the globe has demonstrated that these...

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Prospective harmonisation of quality standards: A model for pharmacopoeial convergence


This webinar will explain how the Ph. Eur. and the USP work together to align their quality standards for selected active substances and medicinal products that are not yet available in either pharmacopoeia. It will also highlight the benefits and advantages of this collaboration.

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Collaboration, Innovation and Scientific Excellence: the European Pharmacopoeia 11th Edition

EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA 19-21/09/2022 Strasbourg, France

The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) operates in a complex environment and must remain relevant to meet existing and future needs of a wide range of users. Its content can be impacted by a large variety of changes originating from the legal and regulatory framework, advances in science and...

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CombiStats™ Training Webinars

European Pharmacopoeia 04/10/22 ONLINE

Webinars providing an overview of the CombiStats™ software for beginners and advanced users.

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