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  • The EDQM
    All the latest news related to the EDQM in general: Christmas closure, events organised by the EDQM, the Annual Report....and the latest news related to all other themes.
  • The European Pharmacopoeia
    All the latest news related to the European Pharmacopoeia: workshops, new reference substances, information on the Sessions of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission...
  • Reference Standards
  • Control of Medicines
    All the latest news related to the Control of Medicines: the General European OMCL network, Gene therapy, the Proficiency Testing Scheme, the Quality Management Programme, Market Surveillance Studies, Human and Veterinary Biologicals, CAP Sampling & Testing Programme, Post-Marketing Surveillance Scheme, Quality Monitoring of Stockpiled Medicines, Testing of Counterfeit/illegal Medicines...
  • Certification of Suitability
    All the latest news related to the Certification of suitability: the Monthly Report of Activities, the CEP Suspensions, Withdrawals and Restorations...
  • HealthCare
    All the latest news on Blood transfusion, Organ transplantation, Pharmaceutical care, Anti-counterfeiting activities and Consumer health protection.
  • Publications, Products & Services
    All the latest news on the EDQM Publications, Products and Services.

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