Back 3 new Ph. Eur. Reference Standards (RS) and 24 replacement batches released in February 2019

EDQM Strasbourg, France 07/03/2019
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3 new Ph. Eur. Reference Standards (RS) and 24 replacement batches released in February 2019

The EDQM announces the availability of:

3 New Ph. Eur. Reference Standards:Y0001784 Nimodipine for peak identification, Y0002087 Loperamide for system suitability, Y0002056 Tetrahydropalmatine

24 Replacement batches for Ph. Eur. Reference Standards:

A0800000 Amoxicillin trihydrate, C2175000 Cimetidine, D2953050 Dithranol impurity D, E2425000 Ethyl parahydroxybenzoate, E2470050 Etodolac impurity H, P2800000 Prednisolone acetate, P3200000 Prochlorperazine maleate, Y0000063 Heptaminol hydrochloride, Y0000094 Diosmin, Y0000132 Clomipramine impurity C, Y0000355 Polymyxin B sulfate for microbiological assay, Y0000370 Risperidone for system suitability, Y0000399 Naproxen (racemic), Y0001001 Pantoprazole for system suitability, Y0001115 Drospirenone impurity E, Y0001234 Lisinopril impurity F, Y0001426 Carvedilol for system suitability, Y0001432 Minoxidil for system suitability, Y0001555 Ciclesonide impurity B, Y0001634 Brimonidine for system suitability, Y0001667 Progesterone for impurity H identification, Y0001807 Pregabalin impurity B, Y0001850 Oxytetracycline for system suitability, Y0002051 Simvastatin impurity K.

Content of the European Pharmacopoeia RS catalogue

The EDQM proposes more than 2900 Ph. Eur. RS including a wide range of highly-characterised chemical reference substances (CRS), herbal reference standards (HRS) and biological reference preparations (BRP), as well as reference spectra for the tests and assays to be carried out in accordance with the official methods prescribed in the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.). The Ph. Eur. RS catalogue is updated on a daily basis and gives access not only to all the Ph. Eur. RS, but also to:

  • Batch Validity Statements (BVSs) for each reference standard;  
  • Safety Data Sheets and Safety Data Statements for hazardous biologicals;
  • Leaflets (downloadable pdf).

For your convenience, the Ph. Eur. RS catalogue is published on a daily basis and can be downloaded in pdf format here as well as in XML format here.

How to place an RS order

If you wish to place an order, you can send your request to the EDQM either:

  • via the web store (this form can also be used to confirm a proforma invoice or a quotation you have already received from the EDQM).
  • or by email to [email protected] (in this case, please ensure that your order is on your company letter headed paper stating both the catalogue code and substance name and attached to your email).