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Blood 05/05/2022 On-demand webinar
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In emergency situations, it is vital to ensure a safe and adequate supply of blood for all essential transfusions. Via the Blood Supply Contingency and Emergency Plan (B-SCEP) project, the EDQM has developed practical tools to assist European countries in establishing or strengthening contingency and emergency plans.

This webinar aims to promote the deliverables of the B-SCEP project: a set of recommendations and a Model Preparedness Plan, which together represent a toolkit for establishing, implementing and maintaining a B-SCEP.

It addresses the state of play of contingency and emergency plans in European blood systems, and why there is a need to strengthen collaboration between European countries in this regard. It will guide participants through the main features of the B-SCEP toolkit and give practical examples of how it can be applied. Speakers representing different European countries and blood system structures will share their experience, future considerations for how a B-SCEP can be applied to fit their system, and what benefits and challenges they expect.

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Duration: 1 hour, 46 minutes.                     

Target audience

This webinar will be of interest to blood establishments, hospital blood banks and regulatory oversight bodies (national competent authorities).


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