The EDQM’s contributions to the protection of public health in the COVID-19 pandemic

EDQM business continuity plan to safeguard core activities

The EDQM’s core activities include the provision of documentary and physical (reference) standards to ensure the quality of medicines and their ingredients. Availability of and access for patients to quality medicines is more important than ever in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. This is why the EDQM is working hard to ensure the continuous supply of its goods and services and is engaging with all stakeholders, including national, European and international authorities, to support public health protection.

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COVID-19 vaccines and therapies: EDQM initiatives

The EDQM is committed to supporting competent authorities and health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic – as well as contributing to the wider global effort to combat the virus – by openly sharing knowledge and offering free access to relevant standards and guidance.

More information on EDQM initiatives in the context of COVID-19 vaccines and therapies: