Module 1: General concepts. Biotherapeutics and ATMPs

European Pharmacopoeia ON-DEMAND WEBINAR 30/01/2024

This module begins with a review of the structure of the Ph. Eur., recalling the general underlying concepts, including the General Notices. It covers new and recently revised general chapters and texts that are relevant to biologicals ...

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Module 2: Plasma-derived products and vaccines for human use

European Pharmacopoeia 31/01/2024 ON-DEMAND WEBINAR

This module focuses on plasma-derived products, the associated class and individual monographs, and the recent revisions made with a view to continuously improving the quality and safety of these biological products.

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Module 3: Ph. Eur. Reference standards for biologicals


In this module, you will learn about reference standards used in conjunction with Ph. Eur. monographs and general chapters to ensure the quality of biologicals. It covers the basis of their scientific establishment, provides additional information on their use and address questions that you...

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Module 4: Microbiology

EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA 01/02/2024 On-demand webinar

In this module, we dive into the Ph. Eur. world of microbiology, starting with the conventional tests such as the test for sterility, the chapters for microbial examination of non-sterile products and the mycoplasma chapter. We then cover the field of rapid microbiological...

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Suggested viewing

The EDQM recommends participants watch and read the pre-training materials listed below before watching a training module. The materials will help participants familiarise themselves with some basic concepts and topics which will not be covered in detail in the recorded webinar sessions.

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