EDQM annual report 2018 published


The latest EDQM Annual Report provides an overview of its accomplishments. In 2018 much was accomplished in the field of setting quality standards for the manufacture and control of medicines in Europe and beyond.

Year-on-year, the Ph. Eur. Commission works to provide Ph. Eur. users with the most up-to-date and relevant information possible. The procedure of Certification of suitability to the Ph. Eur. monographs again demonstrated its added value for regulatory authorities and the industry and the work-sharing within the network of European Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCLs) allowed members to cover a broad range of products on the market and to address emerging risks to public health.

Throughout 2018, the EDQM has continued to protect public health in Europe by proposing trusted and ethical safety and quality standards for the collection, preparation, storage, distribution and appropriate use of blood components for blood transfusion and for the transplantation of organs, tissues and cells.

The work related to enhancing and developing standards in the field of food contact materials was also continued, along with the coordination of market studies and proficiency testing schemes in the area of quality control for cosmetics.

Full detail is available in the EDQM 2018 Annual Report