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Download the lastest Newsletter TransplantNewsletter Transplant Volume 26, September 2021

The EDQM/Council of Europe publishes Newsletter Transplant, which gives international figures on organ, tissue and cell donation and transplantation.

This work is co-ordinated by the Spanish National Transplant Organisation (ONT), which collects and analyses the international data annually through a worldwide network of health authorities and officially-designated individuals (focal points).


Please note: Free paper copies can be obtained from the EDQM Store







Guide to the quality and safety of tissues and cells for human applications – 4th  Edition (2019)

More information on the guide on Tissues and cells








Guide to the quality and safety of organs for transplantation – 7th edition (November 2018)

More information on the Guide on Organs for transplantation





Rec/Res booklet


Organ, Tissues and Cells of human origin : Council of Europe resolutions, recommendations and reports – 3rd Edition (2017)

Please note: The electronic version of this booklet can be downloaded for free online








Guide for the implementation of the principle of prohibition of financial gain with respect to the human body and its parts from living or deceased donors (2018)

Download the guide






Position Papers






Fertility preservation: A guide for people facing an illness or life events that may affect their fertility (June 2021)

Download the booklet








Donation of oocytes, a guide for women to support informed decisions (August 2018)

Download the booklet




Exercise your way to better post-transplant health (July 2016)




Exercise your way to better post-transplant health (July 2016)

Download the booklet




Umbilical cord blood banking - 2nd edition (2016)



Umbilical cord blood banking - 2nd edition (2016)

Download the booklet

This publication is also available in French.




Translations of these booklets made by member states into non-official languages are available here.



Joint Council of Europe/United Nations Study



Trafficking in Organs, Tissues and Cells and Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of the Removal of Organs (2009)

Download the Joint CoE/ United Nations Study




Organ Shortage: Current Status and Strategies for the Improvement of Organ Donation

The purpose of this European Consensus Document (2003 is to provide a step-by-step guide to the most effective ways of procuring the maximum number of high quality organs for transplantation from cadaveric donors based on an analysis of the scientific data available and relevant international experience.

Download the document on Organ Shortage


Critical factors for success in deceased donation: An international study

Download the report

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