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Quality and Safety Standards in Pharmaceutical Practices & Pharmaceutical Care


Pharmaceutical care puts first the patient's quality of life through the provision of safe and efficient healthcare, while respecting the needs of healthcare professionals and society in general.

In continuing with the programme of activities carried out under the aegis of the former Partial Agreement in the Social and Public Health field, the Committee of Experts on quality and safety standards in pharmaceutical practices and pharmaceutical care (CD-P-PH/PC) was entrusted with improving pharmaceutical care and practices in community care homes and in ambulatory and hospital care services through specific programmes and policies.

More information about the Committee of Experts CD-P-PH/PC


Work Programme

The Committee of Experts, CD-P-PH/PC, has given priority to the development of:

  • provisions and practices in quality assessment in pharmaceutical practices and care in Europe through quality indicators;

  • provisions and practices for the stakeholders of pharmaceutical care in Europe inter alia raising medication-related health literacy of the public;

  • provisions and practices in relevant non-European traditional medicine therapies used in Europe;

  • quality and safety assurance guidelines for pharmacy prepared medicinal products; and

  • the promotion of patient safety and the quality of medicines distributed via mail order trade. Read more on Medicines and the Internet.


Programme Results

  • Surveys and reports

  • Presentation and discussion of results

  • Policy formulation

More information on the programme results:


Reports/ Model approaches

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