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Project TS093 - Plasma Supply Management

Mandate of the TS093 Working Group

A subordinate working group has been appointed by the CD-P-TS to focus on issues with plasma supply management (PSM, project TS093). A core working group was set up with members nominated by the CD-P-TS upon proposal by national Delegations. The TS093 core working group has been entrusted with the following tasks:

To develop tools to assess self-sufficiency in member states leading to a clear landscape;

To develop tools/ give advices to achieve a higher degree of self-sufficiency;

To use plasma of the required quality to its full potential;

To achieve sustainable and safe plasmapheresis collection with a focus on donor protection

To provide evidence based data to support the revision of the “Guide to the preparation, use and quality assurance of blood components”.

Plasma supply management is a complex issue involving numerous stakeholders and consequently the CD-P-TS decided to involve all interested parties in the TS093 extended working group. A meeting of the TS093 extended working group has been held in September 2016 and the conclusions and recommendations thereof can be found here.

Past event: International Symposium on ‘Plasma Supply Management’


Presentations Day 1 & Day 2

Recommendations to Stakeholders


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Wildbad Kreuth Initiative

These conferences provide a unique forum for delegates of the member states of the Council of Europe. The aim of the Kreuth conferences is to be not just another scientific meeting with presentations of the latest cutting-edge scientific findings, but to provide a platform for exchanging and discussing current clinical practices and projections of future developments across the Council of Europe member states and to formulate useful recommendations on the optimal use of components from human blood and plasma.

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