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BSP study outcomes published in Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes

European network of OMCLs
21 December 2021
Strasbourg, France

Upon conclusion of a Biological Standardisation Programme (BSP) study, the outcome is made available in Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes providing readers with useful information regarding the method(s) used and, where appropriate, the value assignment of the established reference standard.

Three new articles report the details of the calibration of:

  • Human coagulation Factor IX BRP batch 3, a reference standard fully harmonised with the WHO International Standard: Pharmeur Bio Sci Notes 2021:26-68.
  • Human albumin (molecular size) BRP batch 1: Pharmeur Bio Sci Notes 2021:184-198
  • Heparin sodium BRP batch 4: Pharmeur Bio Sci Notes 2021:167-183.

The 3 collaborative studies were run under the aegis of the BSP of the Council of Europe and the European Union. The respective study codes were: BSP118 for Human coagulation factor IX batch 3, BSP139 for Human albumin (molecular size) BRP batch 1 and BSP152 for Heparin sodium BRP batch 4.

Pharmeur Bio Sci Notes is a free online journal referenced on Medline/PubMed® and which is openly accessible from the website of the EDQM.

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