Demand for organ transplantation is increasing all over the world, but there are not enough organs available to meet the need. This shortage of organs is now the limiting factor in treating many patients with chronic organ failure and has led to high numbers of patients on waiting lists.

In 2021, 36 000 patients received a transplant and 41 000 new patients are registered on waiting lists. That’s nearly five new patients added to a transplant waiting list every hour.

Thousands of patients on waiting lists. A chronic shortage of organs, tissues and cells. The result: in 2021, an average of 20 patients died every day while waiting for an organ transplant in Europe.

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Carefully prepared by the European Committee on Organ Transplantation (CD-P-TO), these booklets are aimed at helping families, donors and parents, and provide independent and scientifically grounded information.

NEW BOOKLET “Fertility preservation, a guide for people facing an illness or life events that may affect their fertility” (May 2021) (English only)

Donation of oocytes, a guide for women to support informed decisions” (August 2018)

This booklet is also available in French.

Exercise your way to better post-transplant health” (July 2016)

This booklet is also available in French.

Umbilical cord blood banking” - 2nd edition (2016).

This booklet is also available in French.