EDQM Blood Conference

Innovation in Blood Establishment Processes

14-15 January 2025  Strasbourg, France




Scope of the EDQM Blood conference

Join us for a two-day, in-person event in Strasbourg, France, to discover and discuss new developments in blood donation and blood component preparation in Europe and address the important question “How can they be implemented into practice?”

Blood establishments must adapt to continuous progress, such as the impending EU legislative changes, and this conference provides a forum to share expert knowledge and practical guidance in this rapidly developing field. It will address novel technical developments, current challenges, technical aspects, change control management, evidence- and risk-based approaches, together with regulatory questions, all of which will be of interest to professionals working in the blood sector.

The focus of the conference can be divided into two main areas of interest:

Blood donation
  • Donor selection: new challenges and risk-based approach
  • Donor recruitment and retention
  • Challenges for blood supply in Europe
  • Blood collection
  • Testing: from phenotype testing to genomics
Blood components
  • Innovative and novel blood components / blood component preparations
  • Innovation and involvement of users in development of novel blood components
  • Implementation of process changes, risk-based approach
  • EDQM Blood Guide monographs for innovative and novel blood components
  • Novel component development and clinical outcome monitoring

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to engage with the blood sector’s international community of experts, to present your research, share your expertise and discuss practical aspects of your work.


The EDQM Blood Conference is co-funded by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) of the Council of Europe and the European Commission (EC).

The EDQM is a major contributor to developing internationally recognised guidelines and providing capacity-building tools, thus acting as an essential partner for blood establishments in Europe and beyond. In collaboration with international experts, the EDQM actively supports progress in the field of substances of human origin by organising dedicated conferences and providing regular training courses on quality management.