Back World Pharmacopoeias move towards increased global co-operation

EDQM Strasbourg, France 21/02/2020
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At the 11th International Meeting of the World Pharmacopoeias (IMWP) co-hosted by the WHO and the EDQM in Strasbourg (France), national and regional pharmacopoeias brought forward initiatives to strengthen their co-operation as a way to improve public health outcomes for patients.

Following up on discussions which had taken place at the 10th IMWP, a new framework for exchanging information between the Pharmacopoeial Discussion Group (PDG) and the IMWP was presented by the PDG. The IMWP participants welcomed the proposal and agreed to run a one-year pilot phase to test this new framework, which is expected to facilitate exchanging information and lays out new ways and modalities for co-operation.

Pharmacopoeias shared an update on their respective responses to the N-nitrosamine contamination in medicines. This exchange which was initiated at the 10th IMWP was found very helpful to facilitate alignment of action to be taken by the different pharmacopoeias in support of decisions by regulatory authorities.

Participants re-emphasised the importance of exchanges between the world pharmacopoeias and agreed to meet more frequently by adding regular virtual meetings in addition to the annual face-to-face meetings.