null Refresher on How to submit a revision application and gain rapid acceptance of proposed changes: Reminders and Updates!

CERTIFICATION OF SUITABILITY 22/11/2022 On-demand webinar

This webinar explains how to prepare high-quality and complete applications for CEP revision so that changes submitted by applicants are accepted quickly. Expectations and best practice recommendations on how to present changes in a CEP revision application are provided, as well as guidance on how to classify changes. Participants will then be guided through the different types of changes and given concrete examples and explanations of supporting documentation that should be submitted in line with applicable guidelines. The webinar closes with a Q&A session. The aim of the event is to help applicants improve the quality of their dossiers, ensuring that their CEP revision applications are processed smoothly and quickly.

Duration: 1 hour, 34 minutes.

Target audience

This webinar is of interest to holders and users of CEPs, including manufacturers and competent authorities.


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