Back Newsletter Transplant 2023 – Informing the future of transplantation

EDQM Strasbourg, France 17/10/2023
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Newsletter Transplant 2023 – Informing the future of transplantation

A new edition of Newsletter Transplant has just been published, presenting data on donation and transplantation activities worldwide in 2022.

This year’s report covers a record 86 countries. It is produced annually thanks to the invaluable support of the Spanish Organización Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT), which co-ordinates the collection, compilation and analysis of international data annually through a vast network of health authorities and officially designated individuals involved in donation and transplantation activities. Newsletter Transplant is prepared under the aegis of the European Committee on Organ Transplantation (CD-P-TO) of the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare (EDQM)/Council of Europe. It is part of the CD-P-TO’s efforts to benchmark donation and transplantation programmes, which will contribute to increasing organ availability and improving the effectiveness of transplantation systems, and thus to securing the fundamental human right of access to good quality healthcare.

In 2022, almost 40 000 organ transplants were performed in over 1 000 transplantation centres in Council of Europe member states, an increase of 6% over 2021. These transplantations were made possible by over 20 000 deceased or living organ, tissue and/or cell donors. The most frequent types of transplantations were kidney (64%), liver (25%) and heart (6%) transplants.

On the flip side, almost 48 000 new patients were registered on waiting lists for transplantation in 2022, or nearly six new patients added every hour. Almost 7 300 people died while on a waiting list last year, or an average of 19 patients every day.

For more information, read the press release “Newsletter Transplant 2023 – Informing the future of transplantation”.