Back Elemental impurity chemical reference standards (CRS) available in the EDQM reference standards catalogue

EDQM Strasbourg, France 08/08/2023
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Lead solution CRSCadmium solution CRSMercury solution CRS, Arsenic solution CRS, Nickel solution CRS, Palladium solution CRS and, most recently, Platinum solution CRS are now available in the EDQM RS portfolio.

For medicinal products, elemental impurities must be evaluated during risk assessment, taking into account all potential sources of contamination and routes of administration. They are grouped into three classes based on toxicity and likelihood of occurrence. The EDQM now provides reference standards for elemental impurities that present a high risk, including the Class 1 elements Cd, Pb, As and Hg, the Class 2A element Ni and the Class 2B elements Pd and Pt.

These seven reference standards are referred to in European Pharmacopoeia chapter 2.4.20. Determination of elemental impurities and are supplied with a detailed information leaflet which includes the exact mass fraction and the associated expanded uncertainty.

With the introduction of these reference standards, the EDQM provides SI-traceable primary reference materials that support pharmaceutical manufacturers in implementing relevant public health standards, such as the ICH Q3D Guideline for Elemental Impurities.

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