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EDQM Training Module 4: Ph. Eur. Reference Standards

The quality standards of the Ph. Eur. are essential for ensuring the quality of all medicines available in Europe and beyond. These standards are usually composed of a documentary standard (monograph or general method) and a physical standard (reference standards). Understanding the links between them is essential for the appropriate application of the Ph. Eur. quality standards.

In this module, you learn about chemical reference standards used in conjunction with Ph. Eur. monographs and general chapters. It covers the basis of their scientific establishment, provides additional information on their use and addresses requirements of GMP inspectors on reference standards. It also provides practical tips on how best to handle them and points to note when ordering, and addresses questions that you may have as a user.

The recording includes a Q&A session. 

Download the virtual training agenda and schedule.

Target audience

This module is of interest to all personnel involved in drug development, R&D, pharmaceutical quality assurance and quality control, as well as those working in regulatory affairs.

It is ideal for those looking to build a solid foundation knowledge of both the Ph. Eur. and the Certification procedure, such as recent graduates or early-career professionals.


Duration: 2 hours, 10 minutes.

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Suggested viewing and reading

The EDQM recommends participants watch and read the pre-training materials listed below before joining a training module. The materials will help participants familiarise themselves with some basic concepts and topics which will not be covered in detail in the webinar sessions.

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