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European Pharmacopoeia / International harmonisation | News | 14 August 2018 | Strasbourg, France
The EDQM is proud to be co-sponsoring the 18th International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities (ICDRA) which will take place in Dublin (Ireland) from 03 to 07 September.
EDQM | News | 13 August 2018 | Strasbourg, France
The EDQM would like to inform you that its office will be closed on Wednesday 15 August 2018 for public holiday
Anti-Counterfeiting activities / Counterfeit/illegal medical products | News | 16 July 2018 | Strasbourg, France
This project will favour better interaction between the analytical and enforcement actors involved in the fight against falsified medicines and medical devices.
EDQM / All activities | Report | 02 July 2018 | Strasbourg, France
The EDQM has released its 2017 Annual Report providing an overview of its accomplishments. Among the major highlights for the past year, the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) Commission kept on ensuring that the monographs and texts of the Ph.Eur. stay abreast of scientific and technological progress and achieved considerable progress in the field of biotherapeutic products. For example, the...
EDQM | News | 12 June 2018 | Metz, France
The first stone of a new secondary site for the Council of Europe’s European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and HealthCare (EDQM) has been laid. The new site will be used to store the EDQM’s portfolio of over 3 000 pharmaceutical reference standards, as an addition to those already in stock at the main building in Strasbourg.
European network of OMCLs / General European OMCLs Network activities | News | 25 May 2018 | Strasbourg, France
The Annual Meeting of the Official Medicines Control Laboratories (OMCLs) took place on 14-18 May in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). It was attended by 230 participants from 38 countries, representing 65 official laboratories and including a representative of the OMCL Network, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration, which just joined the Network as an associated member.
European network of OMCLs / Human Biologicals (OCABR) / Vaccines | News | 09 April 2018 | Strasbourg, France
OCABR guidelines for vaccines with acellular Pertussis (aP) components have been revised to remove an animal test used for OCABR.
European network of OMCLs / General European OMCLs Network activities | News | 09 April 2018 | Strasbourg, France
GEON quality management document: The guideline “Validation of Computerised Systems” has been revised