Sponsored by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) and hosted by a different country every year since 1996 (this year, the host country is Spain), the European Donation Day (EDD) aims to raise public awareness of the need for organ, tissue and cell donation and promote the principle of voluntary and non-remunerated donation.

Organ, tissue and cell transplantation is one of the great medical success stories of modern times, offering major therapeutic benefits and improvements to quality of life. Demand for transplantable organs, tissues and cells still far exceeds supply, however, with important consequences for health.

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Social media

“Your present is their future” is the theme of this year’s social media campaign, which we warmly invite you to join. Our 2023 EDD campaign emphasises the importance of organ, tissue and cell donation as an incredible and compassionate gift through which donors’ present can facilitate the receivers’ future. It also underlines the values behind the act of donation: generosity, compassion, kindness, hope. The campaign aims to inform, provide perspective, but also to thank donors for the gift of life.

You can simply share our messages or post on social media using our hashtags – all support is very much appreciated!

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