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Comment on drafts (Pharmeuropa)

All new and revised monographs and general texts that are intended for inclusion in the European Pharmacopoeia are published in Pharmeuropa for public consultation. Your comments on these general texts and draft monographs are welcomed.


Pharmeuropa is a free online EDQM publication providing:

  • public inquiries on draft European texts or on matters of general policy,
  • the latest official announcements on freshly adopted monographs,
  • the latest news on Pharmacopoeial harmonisation,
  • a readers’ tribune, and
  • access to three databases.


How do I comment?

Before you comment, please read the following document: How to comment

Please see Pharmeuropa Bio and Scientific Notes


Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes

  • Contains all the news in the biological standardisation area and scientific articles linked to the work of the European Pharmacopoeia.
  • Instructions for authors.
  • Articles should be sent (for the attention of the Editors of Pharmeuropa or Pharmeuropa Bio & Scientific Notes) by email or by post.

Pharmeuropa archives containing past issues of Pharmeuropa.

- See more at Pharmeuropa Bio and Scientific Notes

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