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  • L’EDQM lance le 15 avril 2020 une nouvelle boutique en ligne de étalons de référence, faisant suite à la dernière enquête de satisfaction des utilisateurs. La boutique est également accessible directement à l’adresse
  • The EDQM is launching a new and improved WebStore for Reference Standards on 15 April 2020, following up on its most recent user satisfaction survey. You can also access it directly at
  • Dans le cadre du télétravail mis en place pendant la pandémie de Covid-19 l’EDQM a privilégié certaines activités liées aux CEPs par rapport à d’autres, dont les détails sont communiqués ici.
  • In the context of having switched to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the EDQM has prioritised certain activities linked with CEPs over others and it is important to share this with our stakeholders.
  • In the field of consumer health, the EDQM helps ensure the safety and quality of Food contact materials articles in Europe, acting as the secretariat of the European Committee for Food Contact Materials and Articles (CD-P-MCA). The CD-P-MCA was created to address emerging risks to human health arising from the use of Food Contact Materials and Articles, and is responsible for developing standards and policies that enhance consumer health protection in this field.
  • CERTIFICATION MONTHLY REPORT March 2020 EDQM is impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak on its assessment activities and timelines and will do everything possible to mitigate the impact. Applications for new, revised or renewed CEPs continue to be received and are assessed in accordance with the procedure, however the overall performances may be affected during this period.
  • The latest monthly activity report for the Certification of Substances Department (DCEP) is now available.
  • All new texts and texts that have undergone technical revisions are published in Pharmeuropa for public consultation. The deadline for comments on Pharmeuropa 32.2 is 30 June 2020.
  • Les utilisateurs de CEPs sont invités à fournir des commentaires sur les projets de monographies publiées dans Pharmeuropa 32.2 avant le 30 juin 2020. Plus d’informations dans le document PA/PH/CEP (20) 17 (document disponible en anglais seulement).
  • Users of CEPs are invited to provide comments on draft monographs published in Pharmeuropa 32.2 before 30 June 2020. More information in document PA/PH/CEP (20) 17.