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Pharmaceutical Care - Surveys and Reports

Often, the benefits of medication cannot be realised in patients (e.g. due to treatment failures), and even worse, considerable mortality and morbidity are related to the inappropriate use of medicine use; Pharmaceutical care involves the process through which a pharmacist co-operates with a patient and other professionals in designing, implementing, and monitoring a therapeutic plan that will produce specific therapeutic outcomes for the patient.


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Policies and practices for a safer, more responsible and cost-effective health system (2012)

This report summarises on one hand the evidence for inappropriate and unsafe use of medicines, non-adherence to good prescribing practices, non-compliance with therapeutic plans, lack of documentation and monitoring of therapeutic plans, preventable adverse drug reactions arising from this use, and on the other hand the benefits of wide-spread implementation of the pharmaceutical care philosophy and working methods for the individual patient and national healthcare systems.
This report recommends a basic set of pharmaceutical care indicators and proposes their further development and implementation at international level.
It is available in English and the full report is downloadable here.



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Pharmaceutical Care:
Where do we stand - where should we go?

A 2009 Survey Report on key concepts in pharmaceutical care, quality assessment of pharmaceutical care in Europe and sources of information. It is available in bookformat in English.

List of Contents - Pharmaceutical Care: Where do we stand - where should we go?

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