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EDQM publishes the final report of its Pharmaceutical Care Quality Indicators Project

Pharmaceutical care
Indicators for the quality
03 November 2017
Strasbourg, France

The EDQM has just published the final report of its Pharmaceutical Care Quality Indicators Project.

The report presents the results of the multinational validation study aimed at validating 4 basic sets of indicators to assess the quality of pharmaceutical care in Europe. It also contains the data collection forms that were developed and used in the above validation study. This report will support competent authorities and stakeholders involved in the medication process in assessing the impact of pharmaceutical care and promoting the efficient and safe use of medicines.

Following up on its work on quality indicators, in 2016 the EDQM established an ad hoc working party entrusted with developing a guidance document for the implementation of the pharmaceutical care philosophy and the applicability of related working methods in daily practice across Member States parties to the Ph. Eur. Convention. This work is currently ongoing.

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