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“Guide to the Quality and Safety of Organs for Transplantation” is now published

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05 October 2016
Strasbourg, France

This Guide has been elaborated by a dedicated and committed group of well-recognised international experts who have gathered the most updated information and guidance in the field of donation and transplantation with the aim of increasing the safety, efficacy and quality of human organs for transplantation.

In this 6th Edition, all chapters have been thoroughly revised and several important new chapters have been added, including specific guidance for the determination of death by neurologic criteria, donation after circulatory death and living donation.

This Guide constitutes a common European standard, based on the long-standing expertise and knowledge of the EDQM, Council of Europe.

You may find more information about this Guide and the "Guide for the Quality and Safety of Tissues and Cells for Human Application" on the dedicated page.

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