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Creation & reorganisation of districts and mandals of Telangana state (India) - Impact on CEPs

Certification of suitability (CEP)
22 September 2017
Strasbourg, France

Following a recent administrative reform in India, new districts and mandals have been created on the State of Telangana. This reorganisation has an impact for CEPs and applications for CEPs (new and revision).

Many addresses mentioned on CEPs and in CEP applications which are currently listed as being in former districts/mandals are now in new districts/mandals.

Holders of CEPs and applicants for CEPs are reminded that it is their responsibility to update their CEP applications as necessary. For on-going evaluations (new and renewal only), companies should submit an application form as soon as possible with the new address details, as well as an updated section 3.2.S.2.1 if necessary, so that the applications can be updated before the procedure is finalized and therefore the impact of the change is minimal. For other types of revisions which have shorter timelines, in order to avoid any delay in their assessment, this should be addressed via a new notification, as soon as the procedure is finalised, and not later than 31 March 2018.

For already granted CEPs and where there is no on-going revision, holders should submit notifications in compliance with the current EDQM procedures for all affected CEPs by 31 March 2018.

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