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Training Course on Statistical Process Control (SPC) for Blood Establishments

Blood Quality Management system (B-QM)
23 October 2018 to 24 October 2018
Strasbourg, France

Venue: EDQM Premises, 7 allée Kastner, Strasbourg, France
Working language: English



Millions of units of whole blood and blood components are collected annually in Europe. The supply of blood components encompasses many processes: blood collection, testing, processing, release and distribution. Each part of this process has intermediate, prequalification quality specifications that ultimately ensure the quality of the blood components produced. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is therefore key to ensuring that each process is in control and achieves the desired result, and also to identifying whether performance can be improved.

While the implementation of SPC in blood establishments (BEs) is required by EU legislation, in the Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) and recommended in the EDQM/Council of Europe’s Guide to the Use and Quality Assurance of Blood Components, because of its complex nature, SPC can be perceived as time consuming, difficult to apprehend and, depending on the extent to which it is implemented, difficult to inspect.


Programme Overview

This training course is intended to help BEs better understand SPC and gain insight into SPC in the area of blood transfusion. The presentations will be followed by several Q&A sessions.


Who should attend?

If you are responsible for quality control or SPC in a BE, or if you are an inspector in charge of inspecting the implementation of SPC in BEs, then this course is intended for you. It is also ideal for those new to the field or who wish to begin implementing SPC in a BE.

The course is limited to 40 participants. Participants must have a good command of English.


Learning Objectives

The lecturers have been selected for their recognised knowledge and experience in the field of statistical process and quality control.

After attending this training session, participants will:

  • Understand SPC and its requirements, concepts and terminology.
  • Understand and be able to apply SPC concepts easily.
  • Recognise variation and be familiar with the statistics upon which quantitative control charts, such as IMR Charts, X-R Charts and Cusum charts, are based.
  • Be able to comprehend process capability measures including Cp, Cr and Cpk.
  • Know how to apply and make the best use of SPC in their work.

B-QM Programme : Funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe, implemented by the Council of Europe

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