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JOINT EDQM-USP ‘13th International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Reference Standards (IRSS)’

Reference Standard
13 March 2019 to 14 March 2019
Strasbourg, France


Pharmaceutical reference standards play a vital role in the development and production of medicines and are essential for their quality control. This symposium will bring together stakeholders involved in the manufacture, characterisation and use of reference standards to exchange their views and opinions on the different issues related to the subject.

Programme Overview

The programme will cover the use and establishment of reference standards, including reference standards for new and complex biologicals and small molecules, and regulatory expectations and harmonisation across the regions.

The symposium will have a particular focus on compendial standards, their intended use and the expectations of users and stakeholders. It will also review recent developments and examine possible solutions to the challenges associated with specific areas such as impurities, antibiotics, microbiological assays, gene therapy products and botanical standards. In addition, the content of various Ph. Eur. and USP chapters and their application using real-life case studies will be presented.

Participants will have a unique opportunity to interact with key stakeholders and organisations from around the world that are involved in reference standard development, manufacture, distribution and use. Each session will be followed by a discussion where participants can ask questions and talk issues over with the presenters.

 Download the draft programme (subject to change)

Who should attend?

This symposium should be of interest to professionals from the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, medicines control laboratories and academic institutions.

NEW: Poster Session - Call for abstracts is now open

The Posters Session offers a great opportunity to communicate ongoing research, new projects and results in a dynamic way to an international audience.  Posters can address any topic related to the theme of the symposium and they will be on display for the entire duration of the meeting.

Interested in presenting your work? If yes, please compete the Poster Submission Form and send it to the Public Relations Division at: prdd(at) by 1st March 2019.  Reception of the submission will be acknowledged by email. The submission will be reviewed and applicants will be informed if their poster is accepted. Applicants must register for the symposium.

In addition, applicants will be invited to stand at or near by their poster for a short period during the symposium so that the participants will have the opportunity to talk to the presenter about their poster and answer questions regarding their work.

Please read the following guidelines before you begin to create your poster presentation: Guidelines for Poster Presentations.

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