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Transplantation / Public awareness | Campaigns | 12 October 2019 | London, United Kingdom
Every year, European countries celebrate European Organ Donation Day (EODD). The idea behind this Day, initiated by the Council of Europe, is to encourage debate and provide information on organ, tissues and cells donation and transplantation, and legal and medical measures so that every European can decide about donation and make their wishes known to their family. Organ, tissues and cells transplantation is one of the great medical success stories of modern times and is the only life-saving treatment for end-stage organ failure in many conditions.
Transplantation / European Organ Donation Day (EODD) | Live Broadcast | 12 October 2019 | London, United Kingdom
Each year, the EDQM, Council of Europe, celebrates European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation (EODD) with the aim of drawing public attention to organ donation and transplantation. This year the hosting country is the United Kingdom and the NHS Blood and Transplant is organising an event centred on Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD) in London.