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Cosmetics and Food Contact Guides

Metals and alloys used in food contact materials and articles

A practical guide for manufacturers and regulators

Metals and Alloys 1st EditionMetals and alloys are used in food contact materials and articles in food processing equipment, containers and household utensils as well as in foil used to wrap food. Metal ions can be released from these materials, into foods and, if the release exceeds the toxicological reference values, it may endanger the health of the consumer or unacceptably alter the composition of the food or its organoleptic characteristics.

The new Technical guide covers general provisions and recommendations which can assist national policy-makers to adopt legislative and other measures aimed at reducing the health risks arising from consumer exposure to certain metal ions released into food from the contact with metals and alloys. It also provides technical information on specific release limits (SRLs) for metals and analytical methods for release testing of food contact materials and articles made from metals and alloys.

The Technical guide is prepared by the Committee of Experts on Food Contact Materials (P-SC-EMB) with the support of the Consumer Health Protection Committee (CD-P-SC), the Steering Committee with responsibility for these activities. This new guide supersedes the previously established Guidelines on Metals and Alloys (first issued on 9 March 2001 and revised on 13 February 2002 under the former Council of Europe Partial Agreement in the Social and Public Health Field).

It is available in print and online version, in English and in French. In order to be able to access the online version of this publication, you will need to register your print copy, using the EPID code attached at the back of the guide.

If you do not have a print copy, order one on our online store.

More information on how to register and access your online version.

A Slovenian version is now available online for free, thanks to the Slovenian Ministry of Health. For more information, please click here.

Safe Cosmetics for Young Children

A Guide for Manufacturers and Safety Assessors (1st Edition 2012)

Safe Cosmetics for young children - Guide


Over the last 30 years, the range of cosmetic products has become considerably diversified and specialised, targeting all age groups in the population. The number of cleansing, perfuming and care products available for children has consistently increased.

On 14 March 2012, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted a Resolution on Cosmetic Products Intended for Infants. It recommends that Council of Europe member states implement measures to reduce health risks arising from exposure of infants to cosmetic products and their ingredients.

To provide guidance and support for manufacturers and safety assessors, the Council of Europe Committee of Experts on Cosmetic Products (P-SC-COS) has compiled a set of safety criteria for cosmetic formulations that should be taken into account when placing a product on the market. This guide emphasises the importance of safety evaluation of cosmetic products for infants.


The Guide is available in print version in English.

A Spanish version is now available online for free thanks to the Agencia espanola de medicamentos y productos sanitarios. For more information, please visit the AEMPS website

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