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Committee of Experts on quality and safety standards in pharmaceutical practices and pharmaceutical care (CD-P-PH/PC)


Its primary responsibilities, according to the terms of reference, are as follows:

  • improving public health care practices involving pharmaceuticals in community, ambulatory and primary, care services, in hospital assisted living and in nursing homes, and in home health care and hospices, through specific programmes and policies;

  • developing and carrying out a programme of activities aiming at improving public health care in Europe through promoting knowledge, skills, attitudes and values;

  • preparing proposals for harmonised provisions and practices involving pharmaceuticals in states party to the Convention on the Elaboration of a European Pharmacopoeia;

  • contributing to the practical implementation of the above provisions and policies;

  • assisting in monitoring the implementation of the relevant activities results at the national level and assist the CD-P-PH in evaluating and following up the programme of activities mentioned in item b of the full terms of reference;

  • promoting further development of pharmaceutical professionalism, expertise, roles and co-operation among all partners within the medication and care chain.

View the full terms of reference.

Note: The predecessor of the Committee P-SP-PH, the Sub-Committee on pharmaceutical questions, undertook the initial standardisation of medicines that led to the conclusion of the European Pharmacopoeia Convention in 1964.

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