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Committee of Experts on the classification of medicines as regards their supply (CD-P-PH/PHO)


Its primary responsibilities, according to the terms of reference, are as follows:

  • reviewing classification at the national level for medicines and developing good classification practices;
  • monitoring trends in and the impact of classification on medicines safety and accessibility;
  • revising the text of Committee of Ministers' Resolution Res AP(2007)1 on the classification of medicines as regards their supply;
  • revising annually the classification of medicines on the list appended to the above mentioned resolution;
  • developing further and co-ordinating the updates of a web published database (MELCLASS) presenting the classification status of medicines in the member states; and
  • monitoring safety, and non-safety, related withdrawals of medicines from the market from a patient safety and medicines' accessibility perspective.

View the full terms of reference.

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