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Project TS100 - follow-up to TS057
Risk Behaviours having an impact on Blood Donor Management and Transfusion Safety

Recommendation by the European Committee on Blood Transfusion (CD-P-TS):

Resolution CM/Res(2013)3 on sexual behaviours of blood donors that have an impact on transfusion safety (Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 27 March 2013 at the 1166th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies)
Read more about the Project TS057


Wildbad Kreuth Initiative

These conferences provide a unique forum for delegates of the member states of the Council of Europe. The aim of the Kreuth conferences is to be not just another scientific meeting with presentations of the latest cutting-edge scientific findings, but to provide a platform for exchanging and discussing current clinical practices and projections of future developments across the Council of Europe member states and to formulate useful recommendations on the optimal use of components from human blood and plasma.


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