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Blood Proficiency Testing Scheme (B-PTS) fees

Study fees and shipment costs

Study fees and shipment costs for Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT), Serology and Immunohematology (IH) testing schemes:

Category of B-PTS study Study fees Shipment costs Total
NAT 250€ 100€ 350€
Serology 250€ 100€ 350€
IH 50€ 100€ 150€


Shipment mode
The preferred method of shipment will be door-to-door shipment. However, airport consignment to your nearest airport may have to be considered in certain circumstances. All participants will receive a confirmatory email notifying them that their order has been dispatched, with a link to follow the progress of their order.

Group shipments
Group shipments may be organised to a central distribution point within a country in order to reduce shipment costs. However, distribution from this central location is left at the discretion of the receiver. If you wish to receive group shipments, please complete the relevant registration form.

How to pay

The EDQM will send an invoice (one for each study) to the laboratory's address or the billing address indicated by the applicant. Payment is required 30 days end of the month.

Invoices can be paid by:

  • Bank transfer: please indicate your invoice number

Address: 255, route de Mittelhausbergen 67200 Strasbourg, France
Bank account
IBAN: International transfers FR76 30003 02360 00550034256 76
RIB: Domestic transfers 30003 02360 00550034256 76
Swift code: sogefrpp

  • Credit card:

• via our webstore (go to My account, Pay online).
• by email to

Any delay in payment will lead to the interruption of the service.


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